Practice Areas


Horizon has four business practice areas with unique synergies.    As a customer driven business, Horizon leverages its core competencies to meet the needs of its customers and end users.  

1 Horizon Business Segments

Our Materials & Procurement Services Division provides customers with a wide variety of procurement support, integrated supply, small buy management, and MRO product sourcing capabilities that are designed to add efficiencies to the general procurement process.    Our Program Management Division has a mission of helping customers focus on their core competencies by assuming responsibility for non-strategic operations including but not limited to the staffing and optimization of those operations.    Our Project Management Division works with customers to manage short term industrial, network, and systems projects to achieve high value and rapid completion.   And finally, our Consulting & Metrics Division works with clients to address the various infrastructure management, due-dilligence, performance management, and risk management issues that they face.     The common goal of our four operating divisions is to help our clients to achieve above average results in their strategic endeavors.