Core Principles


Horizon Services Corporation (The Horizon Group) is a Sub-Chapter S corporation with a mission of exceeding customer expectations.     Founded in 2001, Horizon is a diversity owned business and a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council.   As a strategically focused organization, Horizon competes narrowly in a small number of business segments including the industrial, high-tech, and energy business segments.   As a strategy centered business, Horizon embraces four critical operating dynamics: elegance, excellence, transparency, and sustainability.   Elegance highlights our belief that success is only possible through the use of efficient, well structured, processes and operating standards.   Excellence highlights our belief that the only acceptable goals are goals that promote being the absolute best in our chosen endeavors.   Transparency highlights the importance of values and high moral standards in our business pursuits.   And finally, sustainability highlights the importance of continuity and consistency as a promoter of excellence.    Together, these four critical dynamics drive our every day actions.








Horizon embraces these four critical dynamics by embracing best in class industry standards, ISO business practices, and by tirelessly embracing the nine inner drivers as highlighted in the book Continuous Improvement by Improving Continuously (CIBIC) and in our Continuous Improvement Agility library.  When we combine our business practices with our clients’ best-in-class business practices and philosophies, we help to promote the collaborative spirit and co-destiny practices that promote our collective success.